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About Me

Quick learner, adaptable, problem solver, curious. I strive to know the system, rather than the status quo. I thrive in difficult situations and complex hurdles: problem solving is now second nature to me.

_ Code Ben

In the last two years I've developed from a complete designer to pro software engineer. After countless days of writing code, debugging, testing, building projects, server administration, deployment, CI/CD, etc, I've developed the most vital skill of all: adaptability. The ability to asimilate new knowledge at record pace: the tech industry moves really fast: you either keepup, or fall behind.

Graphic Design

After spending about 5 years in the design industry, I've picked up a few vital concepts about UI/UX design. My design path still sips into my developer life: and I must say, it's the perfect harmony of modern tech. Some of my designs can be found on my 99designs profile.
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My Skills

I am well-versed in the full spectrum of design and development. While I started out as a designer, I have focused more on development in the last few years.

Web Dev Tech Stack

Web Dev Stack
UI/UX Stack
  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

    The basics, the bedrock of all websites.
  • React JS

    JavaScript library for high-performance web applications
  • Next JS

    High performance React and Node js web framework for building blazing flast and performant web applications
  • Tailwind CSS

    Lighting fast mobile first styling
  • Node JS

    JavaScript runtime for the server. For creating backend architectures and APIs
  • Ubuntu Linux

    Secure server management with ubuntu and Linux
  • AWS

    Cloud services and scalable applications. EC2, S3, lambda, SES, etc.
  • Oracle Cloud

    Cloud Services by oracle: Compute instances, ARM architecture and general VPS management.
  • Cloudflare

    CDN, Zero-Trust, DNS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and much more.
  • Kali Linux

    Penetration testing and application security
  • Nginx

    Super secure web server, reverse proxy and load balancer
  • MySQL, Mariadb, PostgreSQL

    Tried and tested data storage, querying, and management.
  • Docker

    Containarization of applications.
  • Digital Ocean

    Droplet configuration and management
  • Linux Alpine

    Lightweight Linux distro for docker containers and high-performance/secure infrastructure
  • Git and Github

    Version control
  • CI/CD

    Continuous integration and deployment using custom pipelines or Jenkins
  • Other technologies I use

    express, Remix, Astro, Pyhton, C-C++, ... More coming

Some of my work

I've been creating and building awesome designs and applications since 2016. Here are a few picks:


Datasquirel is a fast and efficient cloud-based SQL data management system

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Real estate listings and rebates

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Summit Lending

Summit Lending

Summit Lending is a mortgage broker offering competitive rates for home loans of all sorts

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Real estate meets cryptocurrency

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