About Me

I'm the perfect balance between bleeding edge and stability

So often new technologies are introduced and they are not always the bells and whistles they are promised to be. I have a keen eye for these technologies and I'm able to determine if they are worth the investment or not. I'm not afraid to use new technologies but I'm also not afraid to use tried and true technologies. I'm able to make the best decision for the project at hand.

More About Me

Web Dev Stack
UI/UX Stack

Web Dev Tech Stack

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript

    The basics, the bedrock of all websites.
  • React JS

    JavaScript library for high-performance web applications
  • Next JS

    High performance React and Node js web framework for building blazing flast and performant web applications
  • Tailwind CSS

    Lighting fast mobile first styling
  • Node JS

    JavaScript runtime for the server. For creating backend architectures and APIs
  • Ubuntu Linux

    Secure server management with ubuntu and Linux
  • AWS

    Cloud services and scalable applications. EC2, S3, lambda, SES, etc.
  • Oracle Cloud

    Cloud Services by oracle: Compute instances, ARM architecture and general VPS management.
  • Cloudflare

    CDN, Zero-Trust, DNS, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and much more.
  • Kali Linux

    Penetration testing and application security
  • Nginx

    Super secure web server, reverse proxy and load balancer
  • MySQL, Mariadb, PostgreSQL

    Tried and tested data storage, querying, and management.
  • Docker

    Containarization of applications.
  • Digital Ocean

    Droplet configuration and management
  • Linux Alpine

    Lightweight Linux distro for docker containers and high-performance/secure infrastructure
  • Git and Github

    Version control
  • CI/CD

    Continuous integration and deployment using custom pipelines or Jenkins
  • Other technologies I use

    express, Remix, Astro, Pyhton, C-C++, ... More coming